Thank you for your strategy session booking

Thank you for booking your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy session. This session should take around 45 minutes. We hope it will be filled with loads of actionable insights that will give you clarity and direction when it comes to growing your business with SEO.

Access to Maropost and Google Tools

 To help us prepare for this session and provide maximum value will require access to the following resources. If you do not wish to grant access to a resource, feel free to skip that step. We recommend providing access to all 3 and simply removing access after the call if you wish.

1. Access to Maropost Commerce Cloud by either:

    • Providing access through the Maropost partner access form with “Gapwise Consulting” as the partner name (you will need to be logged in). If you cannot access the form you can email Maropost from your primary Maropost account email requesting partner access for Gapwise Consulting; or
    • Providing us with an API key and username

2. Access to Google Analytics

3. Access to Google Search Console

What to expect in the strategy session

In the strategy session we will be covering 3 key areas of SEO strategy (using your data), this includes:

  • Macro Analysis – where we look at the keyword performance of your store vs your competitors as well as your market positioning and how to build a medium to long term strategy that will grow your market share.
  • Micro Analysis – where we look at the ‘next focus areas’ of your SEO efforts as well as some basic ‘scenario modelling’ when improving rankings.
  • Health Checks – where we look at technical SEO issues and performance.

Throughout this meeting we will be covering SEO factors,  building an SEO strategy that makes sense, how these insights affect business operations and more. Feel free to ask loads of questions and get us to drill down into any insights you find especially helpful. 

If you have any questions before the meeting, please email us at [email protected]