Data-Driven SEO Strategy

SEO for eCommerce is usually very poorly understood. Many people apply the same principle they learn from ranking a blog post or a lead generation website to eCommerce SEO and continue to get poor results. Our goal has been to find a better way of doing eCommerce SEO, one that works, and put that into a clear, easy to follow strategy.

Our SEO strategy will provide you clarity and direction with your SEO, including what works, what doesn’t, which competitors are winning, where and why. With our data driven approach we will uncover more insights, more opportunities and more ways to improve your SEO.

Why Our SEO Strategy?

What's Included:

The major inclusions of our SEO strategy are listed below, however during the creation of your strategy you can ask loads of questions to help you get clarity on your website, SEO for eCommerce, you analytics and more. We also throw in lots of extra value that isn’t included in the list below.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit with a list of technical issues that are holding your growth back. We flag any urgent issues so they can be addressed immediately.

Google Analytics Audit + Setup

An audit and setup of your Google Analytics account so success can be measured. We ensure your enhanced eCommerce analytics is set up correctly and the appropriate goals, segments and filters are present.

Current Position Analysis

An analysis of your current marketing performance, user experience, historical growth and more. This is a key input into the strategy development step.

Competitor Analysis

Performance comparison of you vs. the top competitors in your niche. This enables us to identify any areas of SEO that you are lacking in and where improvement is required.

Market Position Analysis

A market position analysis and dashboard is created (you get 3 months free access) so we can identify what competitors are winning, where and why. This means we can adopt what works and avoid what doesn’t. This analysis groups thousands of keywords showing exactly what users are searching for in your industry allowing us to identify niche opportunities for growth.

Data-Driven Product Categorisation

A complete category structure that is engineered for your SEO success. The right category structure is critical for growing online. The category structure should include ‘target keywords’ based on proven search terms, search volume and your own market position.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy report covering a summary of the analysis along with a custom SEO strategy for your growth going forward. This includes identification of the SEO strategy gap along with a roadmap for SEO implementation.


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