Our Services

At Gapwise Consulting are continuing to grow our services; all of which align with our data-driven approach. With each of our service offerings we consider the broader context of business intelligence insights, regular audits, clear strategies and implementation plans. We ensure that you get the best value and best results. That means no short-cuts, no avoiding the core issues, no cover-ups… just good practice, good communication, data-driven insights and hard work.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO offerings are thoroughly researched and tested. We offer highly valuable, highly insightful, highly effective SEO offerings that get results.

Our approach to SEO includes:

Business Intelligence – By providing industry leading business intelligence solutions such as our analytics dashboard, keywords dashboard and market positioning dashboard we can identify opportunities and issues faster and find the optimal way forward.

Audits – We do a thorough audit of your website to make sure we pick up any issues that are affecting your SEO.

SEO Strategy – We perform a comprehensive SEO strategy for your website. From our strategy we identify your objectives and any strategy gaps, then create a roadmap for your success. From a proven website structure for better results to proven content topics, our strategies combine data with expertise to develop the best strategy for your business.

Implementation Plans – With our SEO implementation plans you get a complete data-driven approach to your SEO. Our plans focus on delivering the optimal solution based on your current needs and your goals. This means you get more of the activities that will actually get you results.  

Google Ads

Google Ads is not about maximising revenue, but about maximising profit. Our Google Ads plans consider the big picture and help you maximise your ROI with a data-driven approach. This includes:

Business Intelligence – Our data and insights help us to maximise spend on the most profitable campaigns, remove the unprofitable campaigns and optimise everything in between.

Audits – Find out exactly what is and what isn’t working with your Google ads account. Find out where spend is being wasted, and where your spending should go instead.

Google Ads Strategy – When you come on board we look at a thorough strategy for your Google Ads. This includes setting up the right conversion tracking, developing hypotheses, and running tests to help you maximise your return on investment.

Implementation Plans – Complete data-driven Google Ads implementation including shopping ads, retargeting ads and search campaigns. We aim to maximise ROI with data-driven insights; taking into account ad cost, product margins and ongoing optimisation. 

Facebook Ads

We are currently looking for new clients to help us develop our Facebook Ads offering. Please get in contact with us if you wish to find out more.

Auxiliary Services

At Gapwise Consulting, we understand that marketing solutions must align with the overall business goals and provide the optimal end-to-end solution. In doing this, we are developing a range of products that help business owners manage their overall business performance better and achieve maximum growth with minimum stress. Products include:

Neto Sales Dashboard – Get better insights into the products and channels, and how they are working for you. Track daily progress more closely. Be on top of every insight, every result, and drive better decisions with our interactive dashboard.

If you want to find out more about any of our data-driven services simply call us or book a strategy session.