Welcome to our Introductory Offer

New to Gapwise Consulting? We’d love to speak with your about what we offer and what makes us so different. Whether you are a large business or have little to no budget, we just ask that you give us the chance to present some valuable insights specific to your business and your market (completely free, absolutely no obligation).

We look at your product data, sales data, Google Analytics, Google Ads and competitor data then present the findings. We will also create some extremely valuable.

Choose any of the Following for Free

If this is your first time dealing with Gapwise Consulting, we would like to invite you to try a few of our services for free.

Google Analytics Setup

Get a full Google Analytics audit and Enhanced Ecommerce setup. This is an essential for any Neto store owner.

Image Optimisation

Free image optimisation report along with up to 1,000 images optimised. All images are backed up and available for download.

SEO Audit + Strategy

Find out what SEO issues you need to fix, how well you are performing and what next steps you can take to grow your SEO presence further.


Take us up on our free strategy call

Many businesses only want to sell during a ‘Free strategy call’. We really just want to add value and have the chance to show you what we do.  Just sign up for our strategy call, let us provide you with valuable insights based on your website, and analytics data. Here’s what will happen.

Step 1: Decide what insights you would like

Depending on what you’d like insights on (Neto data, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Keywords and/or competitor data). We will arrange access to your data so we can prepare the insights

Step 2: We Prepare and Present the Insights

We will prepare the insights and present them to you over screen share. For reports you will be sent a full copy, for business intelligence dashboards you will get 2 months access.

We aim for our insights to be full of value and highly actionable. In some cases this can save you thousands each month, or can help take your business to the next level.

Step 3: It's Over to you

Implement the findings yourself, stick with your current agency, or find out more about working with us. We really just want to make sure you know we’re around, and know what we offer, just in case you ever do need our help in future.

Your recommendations, implementation and next steps will depend on where your business is. All insights are tailored to your circumstances.


It takes almost no effort, but a small conversation will give you clarity on what is happening with your store, and our recommended next steps.

Bonus: Try our Excel Connector

We have released an Excel connector for Neto allowing you to edit thousands of products in one go. The bulk editor can be used to update stock levels, categories and product data directly from an Excel spreadsheet. Increase your productivity and save hours of manual work. Find out more here.

Win 3 months free access

We are developing an Excel Connector 2.0 that will be available on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Web). 

We will be giving away 6 months access for two users once the connector is released. Register your interest to automatically go in the draw. Just fill out the contact form below along with any of the other above offers.

Interested? Contact us.