Neto Bulk Editor for Excel

Introducing a powerful new editor to make editing your product data in Neto much easier.  You can quickly view, search, and filter large numbers of products directly from Excel. Update product data, warehouse quantities or product categories in bulk.  Designed to save you time and protect your data.

Free 3-day trial

No credit card required, simply download, install and activate your trial license.

Edit thousands of products in bulk

Edit thousands of products in one go. The bulk editor can be used to update over 50,000 products at once, although we recommend dealing with smaller batches through easy to use filters.

Intuitive Interface

Our intuitive interface makes selecting columns, selecting categories, using filters and saving your favourite views quick and easy.

Restore Backups of Past Edits

Ever accidentally override data in a csv upload and wish you could undo it? The bulk editor keeps backups of your data before you save it in case you ever need to undo your changes.

Validate Changes Before Saving

Confirm your changes with easy to see highlighting. The bulk editor will also validate your data based on the field size and field type so you can fix data integrity issues before saving to Neto.

Easy Grid Layouts

A simple matrix layout for stock levels and categories makes bulk edits fast and easy.

Ready to Purchase?

Get a discounted deal while we’re launching this brand new product, before the price goes up. Early release pricing is $99 for 3 months. Subscriptions for $49/month and annual plans for $499 are expected to be available from early February 2020.

Since you’re on the early release, you can expect regular improvements and new features via the auto-update functionality

The early release pricing covers all future updates for 3 months from activation (including past the February 2021 release date).

Early Release Available Now!

$99 AUD/3 Months

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 and 2019 Desktop (for Windows)
  • Windows 10

Don't Meet The System Requirements?

  • Earlier versions of Windows are to be confirmed shortly
  • We plan to release on Mac OS if there is sufficient interest, please email us at [email protected] if interested
  • We are developing a Neto to Google Sheets integration that will have slightly less functionality due to Google Sheets limitations but will still be packed with features. Register your interest by emailing [email protected]

Want to see more?

Read the product documentation.

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