Maropost Commerce Cloud Connector For Excel

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Because updating your store backend should be simple


Fetch data, edit and save directly from your store to Excel in seconds


Make changes to 1,000s of products at the same time


Easy to install and intuitive to use

Great Value

Affordable and can save you hours of work each month

Easily Fetch and Edit Product Data

1. Connect to your Maropost Commerce Cloud store
2. Fetch your data directly into Excel using our intuitive interface
3. Edit your data in Excel
4. Validate and save your data in seconds

Need to bulk-edit product categories?

Easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1: Fetch category data in an easy to use Matrix view

Step 2: Edit your data in Excel. Remove the priority value to remove the category from the product, or add a priority value to add the category to the product.

Step 3: Save your data directly to Maropost Commerce Cloud.


Current features are summarised below, however, we have loads more ideas we would love to implement pending the level of support/demand we receive from Maropost users.  If you are keen to expedite the development of this product please show your support by signing on to one of our plans and/or email us with your feature requests. We want to make managing your Maropost store simple and quick, saving you hours of work each month.

Current features include:
* Tested to 10,000 simultaneous edits. Larger bulk operatios can be performed but performance may be degraded. ** Tested to 100,000 products loaded. Larger stores can be loaded but performance may be degraded. ^ Editing of orders and content is disabled while Maropost fixes a data-loss bug ^^ Advanced inventory is not yet supported via Maropost API
Future Features

Demo Video

Watch our demo video below to see how easy it is to install the add-in, connect to your store, fetch your data and save back to Maropost Commerce Cloud


Free Trial

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Contact us to request your free 7 day trial with all features enabled

Monthly Subscription

$49 AUD/month

Invoiced Monthly.

Includes access to all updates over the subscription period

Annual Subscription

$349 AUD/year

Invoiced Annually.

Includes access to all updates over the subscription period