Maropost Commere Cloud Connector for Excel
Support Page

Welcome to the Maropost Commerce Cloud Connector for Excel support page. If your query isn’t answered below, please contact us.


Installing the Add-in

Step 1: On the Insert menu of Excel, click on ‘Get Add-ins’

Step 2: On the Insert menu of Excel, click on ‘Get Add-ins’. Search for ‘Maropost’, then click ‘Add’.

Install 2

Step 3: Click on the Add-in Icon from the Home screen in Excel to open the side-bar.

Install 3

Purchasing/Activating your License

Step 1: Click on the Settings menu from the Add-in home menu

Step 2: If you have already purchased a subscription, you can click ‘Already Purchased?’ You will be able to enter your details to activate the paid version. To purchase a subscription click ‘Purchase Subscription’ and proceed to the next step.

Purchase Subscription

Step 3: To purchase a subscription, click “Purchase Subscription” on the previous step. Enter you email and name, select your subscription and click submit. This will take you to the product page where you can view the pricing and make a purchase.

Connecting to your store

Step 1: Click on the Stores menu from the Add-in home menu

Connecting 1

Step 2: To add a store click the ‘+’ icon at the top right, enter your store name and URL then click ‘Save’

Step 3: Once the store is added, click ‘Authenticate’ to connect to your store

Step 4: Enter your store details and click ‘Log in’

Step 5: You should now be connected to your store and can start fetching data

Getting Started

Watch the video below to see how to get started with the connector. This will show you how to download the add-in, connect to your store, fetch your data and save back to Maropost.

Watch the video below to see how to how to easily edit product specifics in bulk using the connector.

Play Video