Grant Google My Business Access

This guide will take you through granting Gapwise Consulting access to your Google My Business listings.

What is it?

Google My Business is Google’s free tool to help you manage your business listings on Google, including search listings and Google Maps listings. Business owners can edit and verify their business information (including business hours) as well as add to their profile to help inform your customers.

What level of access is required and why?

Gapwise Consulting will require manager access. This will allow us to add tracking tags to your website listing that will help differentiate between Google My Business traffic and Organic Search traffic.

How do I grant access?

The following steps will take you through granting access for Gapwise Consulting.

Step 1:

Log into your Google My Business account at and select the relevant location.

Step 2:

Navigate to ‘Users’ on the side menu.

Step 3:

Click on ‘Invite new users’  in the top right of the window

Step 4:

Select Manager access for ‘[email protected]’, and click ‘INVITE’


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