Grant Facebook Ads Access

This guide will take you through granting Gapwise Consulting access to your Facebook Ads account.

What is it?

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s tool for creating and managing ads displayed to Facebook users.

What level of access is required and why?

Gapwise Consulting will require Partner access if managing or auditing your ad account. This will allow us to set tracking tags for your ads, edit catalogs and edit/post ads (depending on the arrangement).

How do I grant access?

The following steps will take you through granting access for Gapwise Consulting.

Step 1:

Log into your Facebook Ads Account at and select your account (if required)

Step 2:

Click on the business setting icon in the top right  (either the cog or the business setting button)

Step 3:

Click on ‘Partners’ in the left-hand sidebar

Step 4:

Click ‘Add’ to add a new partner account, then enter the id ‘2246922748878142’ and click ‘Next’

Step 5:

Select the relevant resources in the following sections and then click ‘assign task’.

  • Ad Accounts
  • Catalogs (if applicable)
  • Pixels
  • Pages

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