Grant Google Analytics Access

What is it?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports on website traffic. Google Analytics will provide information on the number of visitors on your website, what actions they performed along with information on their location and their device.

Google Analytics is extremely helpful in providing insights into website trends, what marketing activities are working and how users engage with your website.

What level of access is required and why?

We will require access edit access to the relevant Google Analytics property. This will allow us to analyse and report on current performance as well as audit and improve your analytics setup if necessary. This will include creating necessary customer segments, adding the appropriate traffic filters (so our own traffic doesn’t skew the data), setting up the search queries reports, new events, new goals, enhanced eCommerce setup (if applicable), etc.

How do I grant access?

Step 1:

Log into your Google Analytics account at and select the relevant account (if it isn’t already selected by default)

Step 2:

Navigate to the ‘Admin’ menu item (usually at the bottom left of the screen)

Step 3:

Click on ‘User Management’ under the Accounts section

Step 4:

Add a new user (click on the + icon in the top right and select ‘Add new users’)

Select ‘Edit’ to provide edit access to ‘[email protected]

Note: It is highly recommended that you DO NOT provide access for others to manage users at the account level. Allowing other people to manage users at the account level means they will have permission to remove you completely from the account.

Step 5:

Click ‘Add’ in the top right to complete the setup. We will be notified as soon as we have been added.

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