Gapwise Portal - Search Console Extractor

Purpose of the Tool

The Search Console Exporter enables users to extract data from Google Search Console. Key functionality includes:

  • Extract URL, query, click, impressions, and average position data from Google Search Console that is not readily available through the front-end interface.
  • Allows users to extract data in bulk, whereas the front-end interface only allows for a maximum of 1000 rows.
  • Enables users to extract both URL and query data simultaneously, which is not possible through the front-end interface.
  • Provides users with the ability to view and export extracted data as a csv file for further analysis.
  • Is a useful tool for users who need to extract and analyze large amounts of data from Google Search Console.


Your connection to Google Search Console must be set up and authenticated. If your connection is not available, please email [email protected] to arrange a setup

Why these insights are helpful

  • Google Search Console data will help you find what keywords you are ranking for and on what pages.
  • Provides the insights need to focus on key opportunities. e.g. keywords in which you are ranking in positions 2 to 10 where an increase in rankings will result in  a relatively high increase in traffic.
  • Google Search Console provides an ‘average ranking’ which is more indicative of your performance for a whole country (e.g. Australia) compared to rank trackers. Rank trackers will record your ranking at one particular location (e.g. Sydney CBD) however, these results may be different in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide etc. An average ranking gives you a better idea of how competitive you are and the share of search you are getting.
  • Impression metrics provide a more accurate indication of search volume compared to many of the estimates provided by rank tracking tool.


  • Google Search Console data does not show all searches for Google. Some studies have estimated that as much as 15-20% of searches are filtered from Google Search Console data due to various factors such as user privacy settings, ad blockers, and data filtering mechanisms
  • Google Search Console data does not show searches from other search engines

Using the tool

Complete the form to get a preview of your Google Search Console results. Pagination of the results are available below the result table.

To download the results, first click ‘Create Export’ button. This will generage a .csv file for you to download. It may take several seconds or more for the file to be created. Once created, a ‘Download’ button will be available. Click the download button for the download to begin. The file will be saved to your downloads folder.