Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business intelligence is about transforming data into actionable insights that inform decision making.  The right data, presented in a meaningful and understandable way, keeps your decisions aligned with what’s really going on.  Business intelligence is all about replacing guesswork with science, fuelled by the real data. 

At Gapwise Consulting, we use best-in-class data visualisation and exploration tools to analyse your eCommerce data in a way that gives you deep insights into how to improve your online performance.  

Understand your business growth

Business and marketing are complicated, so it’s not surprising that it’s hard to grasp exactly what is working and why.  Meaningful visual representations, derived from your real-world data, allow you to grasp in an instant things which would otherwise be confusing.  

Spot Problems early

Problems are usually only identified after they become big enough to impact us.  But what if your tools highlighted anomalies as soon as they started deviating from the norm?  Business intelligence tools allow you to see clearly when your growth strategy is not working as it should, identify precisely why, and course-correct.

Make informed decisions

Clarity in decision-making is all about knowing the right path to take, to arrive at your business growth goals.  Business intelligence makes that path clear.  Identify what the best options for your growth are, based on where you are at and where the market is at now.  Invest in the parts of your business that have the highest ROI.

Find great opportunities

Business intelligence can be applied to more than just your current product line.  You can use data to make spotting opportunities easy.  Analyse your competitors so you can copy their successes.  Locate untapped opportunities in your market.  Identify customer trends so you can invest in the things they are looking for.

Our Business Intelligence Suite

We weren’t satisfied with the existing business intelligence tools we could find for e-Commerce.  So, we’ve built from scratch a suite of tools to put the power of business intelligence into the hands of everyday store owners, because we believe it should be for everyone.  Harness data-driven insights designed specially for e-Commerce stores.

Provides deep insights into what your customers are searching for using data from Google Search Console.  Drill down in detail into your Google rankings for individual keywords or for whole keyword groups. Find out more.

Understand how your e-Commerce store is performing, and how customers are finding and interacting with your site. Find out more.

Understand how your site compares with your closest competitors, and what your strengths and weaknesses are within your market.  Find out more.

Understand what is driving your Neto sales growth, which areas of your business are performing best, and where you are losing sales.  We are proud to be a Neto Partner.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about any of our data-driven services simply call us or book a strategy session.

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