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Move your e-Commerce business forward with intelligence

Maropost Commerce Cloud SEO Specialists

Utilise data-driven insights and strategies that reveal in detail what’s really going on with your sales. Be informed about market niches and opportunities to give you clarity and direction. Measure marketing effectiveness at a granular level so you know which spends are profitable.

Macro SEO Analysis

Clear long-term strategy built from insights of your performance vs your competitor’s performance.

Micro SEO Analysis

Clear next steps based on the ‘next most effective’ focus area. Maximise return on investment and avoid wasting time/money.

SEO Heath Checks

Regular insights into your SEO and sales performance. Keep your website running smoothly and know what’s working.

Clear and Effective SEM Strategy

Our Search Engine Marketing strategy will provide you clarity and direction with your SEO and Google Ads. Get clear insights into what works, what doesn’t, which competitors are winning, where and why. With our data driven approach we will uncover more insights, more opportunities and more ways to improve your SEO and search ads.

Business Intelligence

At Gapwise Consulting, we use best-in-class data visualisation and exploration tools to analyse your eCommerce data in a way that gives you easily actionable insights into your online performance, and your competitors.

State of the Art eCommerce Tools

Game-changing tools for eCommerce store owners. We understand the complexity and time involved with managing an eCommerce store. That’s why we have developed our suite of spreadsheet integration tools that enable you to edit thousands of products and inventory in bulk and with ease.

Hassle Free Implementation

Come on board with one of our ongoing plans tailored to suit your needs. We include strategies, business intelligence, audits and implementation. We focus on the bottom line so you can get maximum growth with minimum stress.

Actionable Marketing Audits

Most marketing fails because it isn’t getting the basics right. Get an audit into your SEO and/or Google Ads performance. If results aren’t coming easily, make sure you invest in a full audit before you waste any more money.

Tailored to YOUR business

Get rid of the one-size-fits-all approach to digital market . Your next steps and strategies should depend on the phase of your business, your competition,  your customers, your cashflow, margins and nice specific factors. We recognise each business is different, and we develop specific strategies and recommendations tailored to your situation.

No Deceptive Vanity Metrics

Sick of vanity metrics that try to make an agency look good but actually don’t mean anything? Seeing website visits or revenue go up from Google Ads means nothing if your ads aren’t profitable. 

To truly grow a business, marketing must be about your overall profitability, return on investment (ROI),  cash-flow, growth and market performance.

Our agency focuses on true metrics of success and  performance. Conversations are meaningful, direction is clear and your bottom line is our priority.

Start your journey with Gapwise Consulting

When you come on board with Gapwise Consulting, you aren’t just partnering with a marketing agency. You are beginning a paradigm shift in your business, to one that is driven by data. Clarity and direction will become the norm; your strategy will make sense; you will understand what works and you will be on the path to maximum growth with minimum stress.

To find out more, get in touch with us.

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